Saturday, 5 February 2011


The best thing about road trips is the songs you listen to in the car. One of my to-do things before I die is to take a road-trip in Ireland and in the US. One day I will do that. I just, um, have to work on the driving license thing first. What is nice about being a passenger though, is that you get to be the DJ, choosing the songs, etc. And it's less tiring, too. But still, one day, I will ride a convertible on the highway of the Arizonian desert to the sound of Bob Dylan, wind in my hair, stay in creepy motels in the middle of nowhere and dine at 50's-style burger diners on the road. Yes, this is my dream. The cherry blossom girl caught it perfectly:

 In the meantime, here are a few pictures of my last road trip. A bit less summer-y and glamorous, you'll forgive me...

The Swell Season - Feeling the pull

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  1. Love the pics. And I love roadtrips too! :) A.