Sunday, 25 October 2009

October Sky

Picture taken in Orillia, ON. Fall 2005.

There is something so beautiful about the sky in late October/early November. Red, deep orange, with rays of yellow... As if it's on fire. Breathtaking. So one evening I got really inspired and wrote this song.

  I photographed him with my mind,
So his face won't fade away.
I wrote down each word he said,
So I won't lose a piece.

I pretended not to hear
Him saying goodbye to me,
So I could be part of my dream
For a bit longer.

I can get so insecured
Though I will not admit.
I remember the day
I saw him walk away.

As I am watching the leaves turning red,
I can feel the fire of this October day.
Its orange colour
Makes me feel stronger
And I can face my pain.

October sky, will you tell me what to think?
October sky, will you help me find the words?

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